Friday, August 23, 2013

Did I mention I was (am) a nerd? Did I need to?

I grew up watching a healthy (read: insane) amount of tv and movies. At age 6, I can remember running, screaming out of the theater during The Towering Inferno. (As a parent myself, I would not take my kindergartner to a movie like that, but I am not putting down my parents. Those were different times and I turned out well, in general.) My parents made up for it three years later when they took me to the drive-in to see Star Wars. I don’t hate the prequels, but the original trilogy has a special place in my heart.
Sunday mornings as a toddler I spent looking at the comics while my Papaw sipped his coffee and Nana pored over the editorials. (These were the same Grandparents responsible for giving me my first Dungeons and Dragons set--the blue, Holmes edition--best grandparents ever!)
Beyond the sunday funnies, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. By the time I reached High school I had already read the novels being required by the English teachers. Teachers loved me, students hated me; the life of a nerd in the 80’s. Did I mention I was (am) a nerd? Did I need to? Enough about me.
See you again next week!

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